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KeeptheRaysinStPete.com’s focus is to build regional support for the Major League Baseball team; the Tampa Bay Rays.

We strive to educate local business owners, local residents and team Fans on the importance of the impact the teams has on the Bay area economy. 

The Tampa Bay area is in a tumultuous and gridlocked stance with the franchise. Team owners, politicians and fans have contributed to the lack of attendance at the team’s current location at Tropicana Field. KeeptheRaysinStPete.com’s mission is to give the everyday guy a chance for their voice to be heard.

The way KeeptheRaysinStPete.com helps address the complex issues’ facing the team and region is:
Politically - KeeptheRaysinStPete.com is active on a local, state and federal level. We make use of political allies at all levels to help come to a common goal of securing the franchises future in the Tampa Bay Region.
Social Education - Raising awareness among fans and non-fans to socially educate the Bay area region to the social benefits of the Franchise.
Community Education - Community education is the most important element in the issues the region faces.  KeeptheRaysinStPete.com has implemented educational seminars and talking sessions with many public figures to help give citizens and fans a bipartisan viewpoint on these complex issues. 
Corporate Education - Educating all businesses and corporations in the region, to the direct benefits of the franchise residing in the region. KeeptheRaysinStPete.com also educates these entities of the necessity of supporting the team, to keep the franchise in the region.

KeeptheRaysinStPete.com is a group of fans just like you; help us Keep the Rays in St. Pete.


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